• Website Development.

    High-End Website Design and Development. We are the leading website design and development firm in Saint Petersburg Florida. We create fully functional, feature enriched websites for Large and Small Business.
    We also have a professional Church Website Development team. We offer the best customer support, quality, pricing and reliability, for all your website design and development needs.

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  • Social Media Integration.

    With Business Xposure we will take your business to an extremely high engagement level utilizing cross platform social media networks. Many customers find the business websites we create are just a small piece of the puzzle. Let us help you define your brand, create and implement consistent messaging, create a communication plan, and roll out your business to the social world. Read More
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Search Engine Copywriting


Writing and preparing content for the web requires a different approach from writing and preparing content for print documents and publications.

SEO Copywriting Services

Customer Engagement and Retention Strategies

  • Consistent Branding
  • Consistant Message
  • Social Media
consistant branding development and rollout

Know your audience

Companies that know their target market have a better time connecting with them.

consistant branding know the branding goal

Know your goals

Companies who understand the reasons why they are creating a consistent brand tend to embrace the branding process.

consistant branding know your brand, cross platform branding

Know your brand

Design and messaging, a company needs to understand more than just its products and services.

While working with Business Xposure, we will help you define your business branding goals, we will also ensure you understand the Benefits of Designing a Consistent Brand



Keep the Message Consistent

Agree on what is to be said - key themes in particular.

collaborate communication

Work as a group

If there is more than one company spokesperson, collaborate to define consistent messages.


Promote A Consistent Message

Communicate your message accross all media and social media channels.


Not having a consistent message will destroy the most important aspect of a brand, Business Xposure will help to deliver a promise of value that customers can trust.


Social Media Setup, Branding, Recommendations, and Management

Twitter Strategies

We teach you the best Twitter Techniques to include what to say, when to schedule tweets, how often to tweet, and most important capture twitter followers.

engaging customers with social media

User Engagement Strategies

A content switchblade extension that has multiple layout modes.

engaging customers with youtube, channel page setup and management

YouTube Strategies

Services include complete setup, page branding, SEO techniques, integration, and management

engaging customers with facebook, business page setup and branding with full management services

Facebook Strategies

We teach you Facebook Techniques to include what to say, when to post, services include complete setup, page branding, SEO techniques, integration, and management.


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